Levada walk in Madeira

Levada das 25 Fontes, "Do Risco", 11 km
Some pictures from levada walk 11.2.2017. The day was rainy, temperature at start +6 C, hard wind and at times rein, but god mood we had and really we did enjoy of this walk.

This is the start

We did walk through a tunnel, dark and narrow, 800 meters long, interesting experience indeed

Good heavens - One lovely vivid young  lady did manage this trip in lace skirt?! 

Tame finch but some different colors than our finches in Finland

Our spectacular guide

Great nature, soul rests, blood pressure decreases

Fresh water

Our guide and one "pilgrim" 

Greetings with flowers to fine companions in this trip, splendid team once and for all!

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